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Top 15 Best Casino Hotels in Las Vegas of 2019

Top 15 Best Casino Hotels in Las Vegas of 2019

Sin City is a heaven on Earth for gamblers from all walks of life. If you’re an avid gambler looking for an unforgettable gambling vacation, Las Vegas is definitely the perfect destination. However, Vegas is ripe with luxurious, spectacular, breathtaking casino hotels & resorts. As a result, finding the one according to your preference, that fits within your budget, might be somewhat of a challenge. 

Don’t fret; we’ve come to your aid! We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best casino hotels in Las Vegas of 2019. If nothing else, this should help you make the decision a bit easier. So go ahead and check out the casino hotels below. Compare their advantages and drawbacks, locations, and choose the ideal vacation destination for your Las Vegas gambling trip. 

15. The Orleans Hotel & Casino

The Orleans Hotel & Casino

The Orleans stands proudly in the very heart of Las Vegas. The hotel features over 1,800 meticulously furnished rooms, each of them offering a breathtaking view of the Strip or the dazzling Las Vegas Valley.

This hotel & casino caters primarily to veteran gamblers and provides a classic gambling experience. The 137,000 sq ft. gambling floor encompasses 60 tables, a Keno lounge, a sports & racebook, and a spacious poker room with 35 tables. 

What makes the Orleans Hotel & Casino stand out among Sin City’s magnificent resorts is its unique exterior, inspired by the Victorian Era. Similarly, they’ve gone for class instead of dazzling neon lights regarding interior as well. So if you choose to stay at the Orleans, you’ll feel like you’re on the set of one of the old James Bond classics. 

14. Luxor Hotel & Casino

Luxor Hotel & Casino

The Luxor will immediately grab your attention and leave you in awe, the moment you lay eyes on the pyramid-shaped hotel and the marvelous Sphinx statue that “guards” the entrance. You’ll be even more amazed once you step inside the 120,000 sq ft. gambling floor.

Luxor provides over 2,000 gaming machines and 90 tables spread across this vast gambling floor. So you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect game and will spend hours on end reveling in the true Las Vegas gambling experience.

As for the hotel itself, it was fully revamped back in 2009. Today, it features over 4,400 gorgeous and extremely comfortable rooms. There’s a myriad of fine dining options, restaurants, and entertainment venues within walking distance. Moreover, the resort hosts the most exhilarating live performances in town.

13. South Point Hotel

South Point Hotel

Besides the hotel and casino, South Point offers a world-class spa. It is located in Enterprise, NV. This makes it ideal for gamblers who aren’t too keen on being in the thick of things but still want to experience what the Las Vegas Strip has to offer. Moreover, it’s a perfect choice if you want to relax and unwind a bit, rather than spend the entire vacation enjoying games of chance.

The South Point’s casino is equipped with over 2,400 video poker and slot machines. Simultaneously, South Point caters to fans of table games. There are a total of 60 tables covering all of the classics like Roulette and Blackjack. Moreover, the casino floor houses a poker room with 22 tables. As a side note, the poker room is a non-smoking area.

Another incentive to visit the South Point Hotel is its equestrian arena. Here, you can enjoy thrilling rodeo shows (from a safe distance, of course). 

12. Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

The authentic Las Vegas gambling experience, mixed with the vibrant, energetic ambiance of Rio de Janeiro. What more can one want? During the day, you can lean back in the shade beneath the palm trees and enjoy a variety of music and comedy shows.

When the sun goes down is when the real party starts. Rio All-Suite is also home to the world-renowned Chippendales, a male adult dance group, whose exotic adult dance shows are the hottest in Sin City.

The casino buzzes with gamblers all throughout the day. The 100,000 sq ft. gambling floor encompasses 1,200 slot machines, 80 table games, and 15 poker tables. Moreover, Rio attracts the attention of gamblers across the globe, given that it’s one of the hosts of the WSOP tournament.

If your partner is as into rock ’n’ roll as you are, and dreams of a wild Vegas wedding, the KISS-themed wedding chapel at the Rio is a no-brainer. The band members frequent the place, so you might just have your marriage blessed by Gene Simmons himself. 

11. Suncoast Hotel & Casino

Suncoast Hotel & Casino

Considering the rich history of Sin City, Suncoast would be considered an “infant” among Vegas’ hotels and resorts. The hotel first opened in the early 2000s but has garnered a lot of attention from gamblers. The resort features 400 rooms and a 96,000 sq ft. gaming floor.

With over 1,800 gaming machines, the Suncoast definitely offers enough variety to satisfy even the pickiest of gamblers. The floor has a dedicated Bingo area, with 600 seats and 12 different games — perfect for more casual gamblers. Naturally, there’s a separate area for table games, with 34 tables, as well as a spacious sportsbook. 

Additionally, the Suncoast’s casino features an arcade area with all the classics, which is a real blast from the past!

10. Hard Rock, Las Vegas 

Hard Rock, Las Vegas

Hard Rock is a famous franchise, with resorts spread across the States. That said, the one in Vegas is arguably the best among them. The moment you see the enormous Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, you’ll know you’re in the right spot. Although not as large as other complexes on this list, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino caters to a more niche audience and provides an unforgettable experience to rock fans who enjoy gambling as much as an amazing guitar solo.

The casino floor spans across 60,000 sq ft. and provides 660 slot machines, over 80 table games, and 3 poker tables. The hotel offers 1,500 state-of-the-art rooms, so although not the largest property in Sin City, it is more than spacious enough to accommodate rock fans looking for that adrenaline rush that only gambling in Vegas can provide.

Naturally, the resort has all the commodities the Hard Rock brand is famous for. The most notable one is the memorabilia, which features personal items from rock legends, such as David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix, and Tom Petty, to name a few. 

9. Bellagio

Hotel Bellagio, Las Vegas

The Bellagio is part of the MGM Resorts International franchise. This Italian-themed resort is certainly amongst the most popular stays in Vegas and is visited by millions of gamblers each year. Apart from the awe-inspiring architecture, the main appeal of Bellagio comes from its enchanting fountains. They make for the most beautiful light show in the city and will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

The Bellagio Resort is massive, with over 4,000 rooms and a 116,000 sq ft gaming floor. Unsurprisingly, a casino as spacious as Bellagio’s offers every type of game of chance imaginable. There are over 2,300 slots, including a high-limit area where you can raise the stakes up to $100 per spin if you wish. Moreover, there are over 130 tables, offering everything from classics like Roulette and Blackjack to more exotic games like Pai Gow Poker. Naturally, there’s also a dedicated poker room with 40 tables, as well as a sportsbook. 

This all makes Bellagio perfect for gamblers who prefer variety, and want each play session to be different and unique. 

8. Plaza

Plaza Las Vegas

Plaza Hotel & Casino is another excellent choice if you want to get away from the buzz. Admittedly, Plaza is one of the smaller resorts in Vegas. However, it still provides more than enough games to satisfy all your gambling needs.

Plaza’s gambling floor spreads across 50,000 sq ft. Gamblers can expect to find an enormous collection of slots here, including everything from 3-reel classics to contemporary video slots and progressives. Moreover, there are a total of 25 tables hosting a variety of table games.

Sadly, there are but a few poker tables in Plaza’s casino. So if poker is your main game, and you plan on visiting during the holiday season, you might want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, Plaza is an excellent choice, and a bit more budget-friendly than most suggestions on this list. 

7. Silver Sevens

Silver Sevens, Las Vegas

You hate the noise and the crowd, but still want to be close enough to the Strip to get in on the action when you’re in the mood? Then Silver Sevens is what you’re looking for. This hotel & casino is only a mile away from the Strip — a short 15-minute drive from the heart of Sin City.

There are only 30 rooms available at Silver Sevens. In other words, you will most likely have to call them and book your stay a few months in advance. Still, it means the hotel is never crowded. Plus, you can always rely on prompt service from their staff. The complex encompasses a 27,000 sq ft. gaming floor, with 715 games on offer. There’s a bit of everything — slots, Keno, table games, and even a small sports & racebook. However, it’s worth noting that their video poker selection is quite limited.

Silver Sevens isn’t known for its extravagant features. Quite the contrary, the isolated feeling it provides is precisely why people opt for this hotel & casino. That said, it is in Vegas, after all. So you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of stunning shows from the hotel’s gorgeous terrace.

6. Wynn & Encore

Wynn & Encore twin towers

Wynn and Encore are twin resorts offering over 4,700 luxurious rooms. Together, the resorts currently hold the number 1 spot for the most Five-Star awards by the Forbes Travel magazine. The hotels are what people who’ve never been to Vegas picture when they think of Sin City — massive, gorgeous, opulent, with lavish furnishing and enveloped by breathtaking scenery.

The casinos of both Wynn & Encore are humongous. Wynn’s spans across 189,000 sq ft., while Encore’s gambling floor covers 80,000 sq ft. So although both resorts brim with gamblers, you will never feel like the casinos are too crowded. Quite the contrary; both casino floors feature expansive lounge areas with plush seating.

The two are a short walk apart, so if you don’t feel like Lady Luck is on your side at Wynn, you can try and turn it around at Encore, and vice versa. It goes without saying that casinos as big as Wynn & Encore’s provide every game of chance imaginable. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that they don’t really cater to casual gamblers.

The bets are on the high-end, so we wouldn’t advise Wynn & Encore if you’re on a limited budget or have a tight bankroll. Conversely, if you do have the money, the experience these two gambling world giants provide is unmatched.

5. The Venetian Resort

The Venetian is definitely a must-see, especially if it’s your first time in Sin City. The contemporary architecture, mixed with the distinct Renaissance elements, and the narrow canals make this resort a sight to behold. Based on one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, the Venetian will captivate you with its beauty. So no matter how long your vacation is, you’ll feel like time flew by in an instant. 

The 36-story tower provides over 3,000 premium suites. Due to its sheer size and the fact that most visitors of the Venetian come here each year, the resort gives off a vibe of a small town. The complex encompasses dozens of exquisite restaurants and coffee shops, and streets are always bustling with “tourists.” 

As for the casino itself, the 120,000 sq ft. gaming floor has everything an avid gambler would want. Between the Venetian and the Palazzo, which is also part of the resort, there are over 1,900 Vegas-style slots on offer. There are over 225 gaming tables available, so you can jump in on the action anytime. Moreover, for those who prefer to rely on skill rather than pure chance to win some money in Vegas, the Venetian provides an independent Poker room. 

4. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Apart from offering an authentic Las Vegas gambling experience, Red Rock provides the perfect getaway from the busy day-to-day life. Pamper yourself by booking a treatment at the Red Rock’s magnificent spa. Relax and unwind, and “take a breather” in the resorts meditation and relaxation area.

Apart from the spa complex, the resort includes a 3-acre pool area, an enormous bowling alley, and a 16-screen movie theater. So gambling is just one of the many fun & exciting activities that await you at Red Rock Casino Resort.

Once you’ve fully recharged your batteries, you can head over to the casino that’s within walking distance. The 87,000 sq ft. casino floor holds over 2,300 slots and video poker machines, as well as 62 gaming tables. Fans of sports and races will be able to enjoy the matches in a spacious sportsbook and catch all the action on hundreds of premium quality monitors. Finally, the casino floor also features a Bingo room, with draws throughout the day. 

3. Cosmopolitan 

Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan doesn’t give off the classic Vegas vibe. Rather, at a glance, it appears like a resort from the future that was magically teleported in the City Center. The contemporary design and minimalistic/futuristic furnishings radiate luxury and ostentatiousness. Therefore, Cosmopolitan provides its guests with the unmistakable feeling that they’re part of the elite.

The hotel features close to 3,000 rooms, each with a spacious terrace that offers a breathtaking view of the Strip. The 11,000 sq ft. casino is among the larger ones in Sin City. With the bets inside Cosmopolitan’s casino ranging from $10 to $10,000, it caters to both casual and hardcore gamblers.

There are over 1,300 slot machines at Cosmopolitan, as well as a high limit area housing 65 thrilling titles. You’ll find video poker games all over the casino floor, with the best ones being in the high-limit area.

Table games aren’t quite as represented. However, with over 50 gaming tables, including 17 high-limit ones, gamblers can try their luck playing all the classics like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. Sadly, the one drawback of the Cosmopolitan’s casino is that there are no poker tables at all. 

2. Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Caesars Palace is world-renowned, so you’ve undoubtedly heard about this Hotel & Casino, even if you haven’t done any research regarding Las Vegas resorts. It is one of the oldest Vegas properties, located in the dead-center of the Las Vegas Strip. As you can imagine, it has undergone quite a few renovations, but it still brings the glory of the ancient Roman empire to life!

The Colosseum, an iconic theater shaped like the arena gladiators once fought in, is home to some of the world’s most famous entertainers.

The enormous 124,000 sq ft. casino floor at Caesars contains over 1,000 slot machines, ranging from penny slots to high-limit machines taking up to $100 per bet. There’s also a wide variety of video poker variants and gaming tables hosting anything from Craps and Roulette to Mini-Baccarat and Pai Gow Poker. Moreover, the casino features an independent 4,500 sq ft. Poker Room, which is open 24/7 and hosts a plethora of exciting tournaments.

1. Mirage

Mirage Las Vegas

Right next to Caesars Palace, you have magnificent Mirage, another jewel by the MGM Resorts. Mirage is also one of the “natives” and it has been greeting anyone entering Sin City from the Strip with its enormous, iconic Volcano.

The hotel offers over 3,000 guest rooms, including everything from standard rooms to opulent suites. So you’ll find people from all walks of life at Mirage — from casual gamblers to multi-millionaires, all looking for the thrill the Las Vegas Strip provides.

Mirage provides its guests with a 100,000 sq ft. casino floor. You can enjoy your favorite games of chance in a tropical surrounding while hearing the soothing sounds of waterfalls amidst the ringing of slot machines and chips clanging on the tables. The casino provides 2,000 slot and video poker machines and over 150 gaming tables.

However, although Mirage once offered some of the best table games, that is unfortunately no longer the case. The variety is still there, but the odds are quite unfavorable for the players. We would suggest the 19-table poker room instead or trying your chances at one of the amazing slot machines the casino houses.

Making the Final Decision

There are a couple of things to take into consideration before you make the final decision. The location and the price are the obvious variables, but you also need to think about parking, fees, your bankroll, whether the casino has a smoking area, how many and which amenities are nearby, and so on.

You can’t go wrong with any of the suggestions on our list. Every single one of these Vegas casino hotels is absolutely fantastic. Still, we would still suggest that you do thorough research of each casino hotel that has caught your eye, before booking your stay. Preparation is half the work, after all. And since you undoubtedly want your Vegas gambling trip to be unforgettable, taking the extra time to choose the best resort to stay in is the best course of action’.

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