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Top 15 Most Expensive Hotels in the World in 2019

Top 15 Most Expensive Hotels in the World in 2019

People constantly search for the cheapest hotels they can stay in for their vacations. However, hardly as many people wonder what the most expensive hotels in the world in 2019 are. This list will tell you a little about the priciest hotels around.

1 Hotel Cala di Volpe (Sardinia)

Hotel Cala di Volpe (Sardinia)

The Cala di Volpe in Sardinia is a lavish hotel that showers its guests with luxury. Nowhere else is that more evident than the penthouse suite. Does 4 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a pool, and a 250-square-meter balcony sound fine to you? That’s just half of what this suite has in store. Just saying that it has its very own wine cellar paints an accurate enough picture.

And what is the nightly price? Spending a night here will knock $41,000 out of your wallet (or bank account, rather). The high price comes with its benefits, however. The previously-named privileges can attest to it being one of the best hotel rooms out there.

2. Mandarin Oriental (New York)

Mandarin Oriental (New York)

The 53rd story of the Mandarin Oriental skyscraper is home to the presidential suite good enough for royalty. How much would you pay for 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a living room, a study, and more, covering 250 square meters overlooking Central Park? 

Well, the Mandarin Oriental can sell you this for $39,000. With silk curtains and wallpaper, marble and granite coating, and the best service around, the hotel makes sure your money is well-spent.

3. Faena Hotel (Miami Beach)

Faena Hotel (Miami Beach)

There’s no better way to view Miami than through the massive windows that engulf the walls of the Faena Hotel penthouse suite. Or maybe you can gaze at the city from a balcony that each of its five rooms has. If you grow bored of the vista, you can lounge around in its living rooms, dining areas, or anywhere else in the 2-level premises.

For the honor of residing here, The Haena Hotel charges $39,500 per night. In the case you’re able to afford the price tag, you’re in for the stay of your life.

4. Hotel President Wilson (Geneva)

Hotel President Wilson (Geneva)

Should you be searching for a royal stay in the Alpine region, the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland is the pinnacle of comfort. The building’s 8th floor is dedicated to the royal penthouse suite. It’s far from empty space, though. The honored guests can relish in a library filled with rare books, a billiard table, a jacuzzi, and other goodies wherever you step.

If you feel like soaking in this jacuzzi looking at Lake Geneva, it won’t be cheap. The elite travelers that can spare $80,000 a night, however, will not regret spending their time in one of the most expensive hotels in 2019.

5. The Royal Mansour (Makaresh)

The Royal Mansour (Makaresh)

Do you feel like popping down to Morocco for a spell? Then why not do it in style and use the services of the Grand Riad, the enviable suite of The Royal Mansour? They certainly won’t disappoint, that’s beyond doubt. Few people can claim dissatisfaction with an 1800-square-meter, 3-story villa with a cinema room, gym, topside pool, and  Moroccan Hammam spa.

And what is the cost of these joys? You can have the whole Grand Riad experience for $44,000 per night. For a massive secluded manor, that’s not too shabby.

6. Four Seasons (New York)

Four Seasons (New York)

We’re back in the Big Apple, this time with the Four Seasons hotel as our hosts. And they have something special in store for us: the Ty Warner suite. Situated at the top of the 52-floor hotel, it spans almost 400 square meters. If infinity pools, private elevators, and a panoramic view of New York appeals to you, you’ve come to the right place.

For the modest nightly price of $50,000, you can have all that and more at the Ty Warner. You’ll feel like you’re at the helm of the world, and that won’t be all that far from the truth.

7. Hôtel Martinez (Cannes)

Hôtel Martinez (Cannes)

Hyatt’s Hôtel Martinez is among the most prominent resorts in the region, as it boasts unmatched luxury. And the penthouse suite is its crown jewel. A 1000-square-meter jewel with 500 square meters of panorama terrace, works from Picasso, and 4 bedrooms, each harboring a marble bathroom.

Enjoy the suite’s magnificent view, its Turkish bath and jacuzzi, or anything else therein for the price of $53,500. If you have the cash and find yourself in Cannes, definitely consider the Hôtel Martinez suite.

8. The Hilltop Villa (Laucala Island)

The Hilltop Villa (Laucala Island)

What could possibly more heavenly than residing in a fabulous villa on the tropical island of Fiji, with nothing but the wind and waves to disturb the serenity? You can live like this for a while at the Hilltop Villa. It’s a four-acre property that consists of three smaller villas, where you can feel as apart from the world’s troubles as a person ever could.

At the Hilltop Villa, you can delight in private swimming pools, wooden tubs, private chef and jet, and sunbathing on the world’s most splendid island. If you have the money for it, that is. $64,000 a night is what the hotel demands for your stay.

9. The Palms (Las Vegas)

The Palms (Las Vegas)

For a night in the gambling capital of the world right, you need to go all out. And picking The Palms is a safe bet. The so-called “Empathy suite” comes with massage tables, 2 master bedrooms, a jacuzzi that overlooks the Strip itself, and other similarly delightful amenities.

The catch is that lodging there costs quite a bit. Since it’s counted among the world’s most exuberantly priced accommodations. Being among the top expensive hotels in the world in 2019 sleeping (or whatever you wind up doing) there for a night will result in a bill of $100,000. Maybe you’ll land a jackpot somewhere and cover the costs.

10. The 13 (Macau)

The 13 (Macau)

How about staying in a Baroque suite of 2800 square meters that looks right out of a renaissance painting? At The 13, one of the most expensive hotels in the world in 2019, you can bask in such scenery. Frankly, it’s difficult to convey just how luxurious and elaborate the decorations and the setup of the suite are.

Your treatment will be akin to that of a monarch during your stay. Especially with your own Rolls-Royce and a chauffeur to take you wherever you desire. As you might expect, the suite is reserved for the most elite of travelers. The cost of $100,000 for every night there certainly reinforces that notion. 

11. The Mark Hotel (New York)

The Mark Hotel (New York)

All good things come in threes, thus we return yet again to New York. Now we can book a penthouse at The Mark. It has nearly 1000 square meters on 2 floors, 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, and a 250-square-meter terrace from which to view the city. Its interior is incredibly tasteful, with white and grey furnishings interrupted by patches of mahogany.

The Mark Penthouse is a favorite of many a businessman and statesman. They gladly pay the price of $75,000 the hotel asks for, and come back time and time again.

12. The Grand Resort Lagonissi (Athens)

The Grand Resort Lagonissi (Athens)

The Grand Resort Lagonissi is the perfect place to relish in the mild Mediterranean climate. If you opt to do that in the Royal Villa, you may never want to go back home. It has 2 master bedrooms with king size beds, inside and outside pools, barbecue equipment — the list goes on.

If you wish to lodge here (like Leonardo Di Caprio did), the hotel will ask for quite the price. Should you have $50,000 to spare, you may shack up here for the night and take in the wonders of the Mediterranean. 

13. St. Regis (Saadiyat Island)

St. Regis (Saadiyat Island)

If you have a taste for the Middle East, then what St. Regis, in the United Arab Emirates, has to offer is the rarest of delicacies. The St. Regis royal suite is among the most prestigious accommodations around. It has class galore, with a billiard table, cinema, piano, spa, sauna and a pool with a view of the Persian Gulf.

If this sounds like something you would love to partake in, the St. Regis will be elated to help you out, if you have the money for it. You can have the property of about 2100 square meters all to yourself for $35,000 a night.

14. Shangri-La Bosphorus

Shangri-La Bosphorus

The sight of the Bosphorus Strait at night, specked by innumerable city lights, is a once-in-a-lifetime sight. The exquisitely-styled Shangri-La Suite at the Shangri-La Bosphorus in Istanbul provides the ultimate perspective of this spectacular vista. Bulgari toiletries, a 19-inch TV, and marble bathrooms are only the cherry on top.

What the hotel charges for this suite is a little hard to tell, since the price is volatile for a few reasons. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect anything below $30,000. It’s not as extreme as the other entries here, but it’s every bit as ravishing.

15. Corinthia Hotel (London)

Corinthia Hotel (London)

The Thames, Big Ben, The London Eye — these are all must-see attractions of The Big Smoke. And you can observe them to your heart’s content from the terrace on Corinthia Hotel’s royal penthouse. This extravagant haven is regal, yet modern and sleek. It has a private spa, walk-in wine cellar, hidden den and much more.

If you’re interested, the suite is up for grabs at “just” $28,000 a night. This is the cheapest lodging option on this list, so that’s not all that much to ask for, right?

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