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11 Best Luxury Hotels to Choose in Dubai in 2019

11 Best Luxury Hotels to Choose in Dubai in 2019

Dubai is called the City of Gold for a good reason. It has experienced such rapid economic growth that it’s hard to believe. It’s now the crème de la crème when it comes to luxury. As expected, the hotels in this city are similarly posh. Incredibly lavish and luxurious lodgings are par for the course here. If you want to visit Dubai, make sure you’re staying at the best hotel you can find.

This list will tell you which 11 hotels you want to visit and why.

1 Al Maha Desert Resort

Al Maha Desert Resort

Cloistered away in an oasis deep in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Al Maha and its surroundings are truly something to behold. Seeing that you have to drive upwards of 45 minutes from the city, you’ll definitely feel like you’re tucked away from the world. The wondrous vistas are a treat for the eyes, with rolling dunes and wildlife in the distance. 

The hotel proper is of a jaw-dropping Bedouin architecture. The rooms are strewn about the property in the form of tents and present havens of style and comfort. Appropriately, the staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Of course, the food is just as delightful, made by award-winning chefs. You’ll feel like you’re in paradise while at Al Maha, so don’t miss the chance to visit. Make sure to go in April (it’s the best time of the year there) and consider asking for a suite with a view of the watering holes, so you can admire the local fauna as they quench their thirst.

2. Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani Hotel Dubai

Dubai’s Armani Hotel is the definition of the lap of luxury. It’s part of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, so you know we’re talking about some serious lodgings. Its aesthetics are a marvellous mish-mash of different architectural styles, from Spanish to Japanese. The food is in the same vein in that respect, so you can expect a diverse cornucopia of dishes. It has 5 restaurants dedicated to Japanese, Indian, Italian and Mediterranean food, all masterfully prepared.

The hotel sports 11 distinct room categories, all chock-full of original Armani furniture. If you feel like shopping, you can enjoy the nearby Dubai Mall (the world’s second biggest shopping center) and all it contains. Or you could indulge in the third-floor spa, outfitted with saunas, laconiums, pools, and much more. Cozy is the word, and you’ll get used to saying it rather quickly. Try to book a room with a view of the Khalifa’s fountain side for the best scenery.

3. Park Hyatt Dubai

Park Hyatt Dubai

With Park Hyatt Dubai, you’ll be right in the heart of the Golden City. It’s just a couple of minutes away from downtown Dubai, where all the world-class businesses and entertainment centers lie. Despite the hustle and bustle therein, you can expect tranquility between the 223-room establishment. The view from the site is breathtaking, towering above a vibrant city area.

You won’t find the food lacking either — when it comes to French and Thai cooking, the hotel boasts the cream of the crop. The highlight, though, must be the Amara Spa, the winner of multiple awards. You’ll forget every trouble when unwinding there. Additionally, there’s a slew of exciting activities the place offers, from golf championships to seaplane trips. There’s little more a person can ask for.

4. Four Seasons Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

Four Seasons Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach’s Four Seasons Dubai is the shining pearl of the city. Against the pale sand, it and its verdant gardens look just like an oasis. Each of the 237 rooms it has will make you never want to leave. The view of the Arabian Gulf makes the windows look like portals to another world. You can marvel at either the gulf on one side or the Burj Khalifa on the other. Thus, choose rooms in accordance with which of the two you’d prefer to see.

The architecture is of brilliant white and beige marble, and the Murano chandeliers are a special sight indeed. All in all, gorgeously elegant, with a subtle streak. Fittingly, the hotel has luxurious activities in spades. While there, why not take part in the various water sport games? What about the dozens of outlets? You’ll be hard-pressed to run out of things to do. Few places are as amazing as the Four Seasons Dubai.

5. One&Only The Palm

One&Only The Palm

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, One&Only The Palm is the place for you. One of the rare boutique hotels in the Golden City, it’s perfect for an intimate atmosphere. It’s situated on the final plot of the West Crescent on Palm Jumeirah, so it’ll take you a good 20 minutes to get to the city itself by taxi. The hotel is so lavish that once you lay your eyes on it you’ll never forget it. Mind-bogglingly beautiful Andalusian style of architecture, ivory archways, marble floors, colors of silver and gold abound — it’s beyond belief.

The service is immaculately courteous and generous. You can tell from the minute you arrive when the staff greets you with frosted towels and iced tea in crystal tumblers. The food is also a delight — the breakfast buffets are especially noteworthy (try the Modern Eggs Benedict). If you’re looking for a time of your life, this hotel truly is the one and only. 

6. Grosvenor House

Grosvenor House

All the nighthawks reading this will love the twin towers of Grosvenor House. Placed comfily at the north of Dubai Marina, the promenade is just around the corner. The nightlife here is abundant, with clubs, bars, diners, and cafes galore. Or, if you prefer to take it easy, it would behoove you to check out the Asian spa. The look of the hotel screams classic, with sleek archways, contemporary art, and vivid skylights. All this gives off a very worldly but familiar aura. The rooms are just as comfy, all in shades of chocolate.

All the employees are capable, but also personable. They’ll also do their best to prove they care about your stay, even remembering your name. Both the towers have outdoor pools, private beaches, and enough spa treatments to melt all your worries away. Its 14 restaurants will cater to your inner gourmet in every way possible — Toro Toro is a must-visit for fans of Latin American cuisine. Whether you live a languid life or like it out on the tiles, Grosvenor House is the place to be. 

7. Jumeirah Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah

Jumeirah Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah

If you’re talking about upscale hotels, you have to mention Jumeirah Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah. It rests in central Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah resort, so the location is the bee’s knees. It’s full of exotic gardens, pools and awe-inspiring architecture, so you’ll feel like a king during your stay. 

However, what really takes the cake is the vast amount of fitness-related facilities. You’ll come across gyms, rock climbing sites, and fitness center to make even top athletes blush. And let’s not forget one of the largest pools around. There’s plenty for your children to do, as well, as there are loads of family-friendly activities especially tailored for them. If you like lodgings with true class, you’ll be treated like royals here.

8. Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf

Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf

In contrast to the previous entry, the Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf is a prime choice for anyone looking for a relatively more modest price range. 6 kilometers away from Dubai World Trade Center, it’s known as one of the best value hotels in Dubai. Therefore, you know you’re getting bang for your buck. Nevertheless, expect as much pampering as in any other.

The property looks delightful, from colorful lounges to soothing poolside courtyards. Furthermore, buffets and diners provide exquisite options to please the palate. It sports a fabulous fitness center, a swimming pool, and free airport shuttles, to boot. If you’re aching to visit the Golden City but don’t feel like spending all that much, you can’t go wrong with Dubai’s Premier Inn.

9. JA Palm Tree Court

JA Palm Tree Court

JA Palm Tree Court is a marvelous place to take a step back and relax. It’s surrounded by greenery, soft sand, and calming blue water. Rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that let you take in the view. Peacocks stroll about the property, making you one with nature. The locale was built some distance away from the city’s hustle and bustle, thus you’ll be in for a most peaceful time.  

From lagoons to streams and gardens, the JA Palm Tree Court does what it can to drain away your stress. The management is well aware of this, which is why the staff maintains this zen-like atmosphere at all times. The in-room service really gives its all, too. Furthermore, a dozen or so restaurants and bars serve top-notch and varied foods — no need to worry about that. If you want to put your feet up, think JA Palm Tree Court. 

10. Shangri-La Hotel Dubai

Should the previous hotel’s appeal not suit you, the Shangri-La is far more lively. Right at the thick of it on Sheikh Zayed Road, the whole of Dubai lies at your fingertips. It’s a massive 42-floor tower with gold, sapphire and ruby colors all over the place. The lounge is a metropolitan hotspot, alive with conversation and fascinating stories waiting to be told. The view from the rooftop will leave you speechless as you gaze at the city below. 

The employees at the hotel are as kind and friendly as they come. You’ll never have a problem with them. If you’re feeling peckish, there’s Chinese, Indian, Wester, and Arabic cuisine to sate you. On that note, we thoroughly recommend the Asian Afternoon Tea. Finally, you have the poolside bar, which comes alight at night. As expected, you have access to a spa, gym, squash and tennis courts, and a particularly quality private health club on the 42nd floor. Anyone looking for a lively few days will be more than pleased with the Shangri-La Hotel Dubai

11. Address Boulevard

Address Boulevard

Finally, we have the Address Boulevard, in the heart of downtown. It’s opposite Dubai’s Mall, and 10 minutes on foot away from Dubai Opera and Burj Khalifa. The hotel has 72 floors and sports an unmistakably European style. Two massive terraces with pools, swim-up bars, and beach chairs decorate the building, giving you a vista to remember.

The service deserves every commendation under the sun. They truly do an outstanding job — you can even get tickets for the Opera from the concierge. You get all the privileges characteristic of a top-tier hotel: awesome spas and fitness facilities (the yoga room is terrific), and so on. Experience showers and hammams are just icing on the cake. Speaking of which, the 24/7 hotel restaurant is spectacular. They’ll make anything, and you’ll love it. In Address Boulevard, you sit at the top of the world.

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